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Do you find good dental health seemingly out of reach and leaving you exasperated?

Well, look no further ... we have the IDEAL SOLUTION for you. It is Family Dental Insurance like no other ... simple, affordable, and the best thing since sliced bread.

So what is Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance is not be confused with a medical aid. These are two separate issues. While a Medical Aid provides cover for hospitalisation and those niggly day-to-day ailments, Dental Insurance ensures that you have access to benefits uniquely designed to cater for Specialised Dentistry. Even in a country like Great Britain that has a strong social health service, more than 8 million people are covered by private dental insurance.

What will Dental Insurance mean in my life?

First and foremost, the product is designed around Specialised Dentistry (such as crowns, implants, etc.), and is priced and packaged for a family unit ... no frills, no fuss. Furthermore, benefits are paid directly to the Insured, either before or after treatment. The Insured has the freedom of consulting a Dental Care Practitioner of their choice and is not bound to any one specific practitioner.

Is this legit and above board?

Unequivocally, YES! We are an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP no. 43022), registered with the Financial Services Board (FSB) of South Africa. Our Family Dental Insurance product is a short-term stated benefit which is regulated by the FSB and complies with the Short-Term Insurance Act (1998).